Auto-B-Good Special Edition: Fuel for the Finish

Auto-B-Good Special Edition: Fuel for the Finish

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Auto-B-Good is a 5-time Emmy® award-winning animated series. This Dove Family approved series will captivate, entertain, and teach great biblically based character lessons to children ages 5-9. Each DVD in the series contains 3 fabulous episodes, 3 Christian music videos PLUS bonus episodes for a total run time of approximately 50 minutes.

Auto-B-Good Special Edition: Fuel for the Finish
Join the cars as they fill up their tanks with life-changing lessons on thankfulness, perseverance and confidence! With 3 brand-new music videos wrapping up each story and a bonus episode on generosity, children will gain the fuel they need for life!

Episode 1 - Friends in High Places (Thankfulness)
Izzi is feeling blue. Although she appreciates the help from her friends, Izzi wishes she could do things for herself. A mishap at the talent show might prove the perfect opportunity to shine! She discovers everything is built for a purpose!
Music video: God's Peace

Episode 2 - The Secret of Success (Perseverance)
Ah, Spring Break! And everyone is lounging around - until Franklin encourages them to try something new. But setting goals is easier than achieving them; will they have the perseverance to keep going?
Music video: Keep Moving On

Episode 3 - Friends to the Rescue (Confidence)
EJ makes a series of sporting errors and experiences a loss of confidence. His good friend Johnny, with the help of Professor's inventions, brings EJ's confidence back in line.
Music video: God's Word is True

Bonus episode - Heavenly Event (Generosity)
Everyone is excited about the extraordinary meteor shower. As EJ leaves to watch the shower, he has an injury that will cause him to miss out, unless...

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