Little Treasures Animal Bath Toys hape Waterworks Bath Toy Colorful Lion Bull Deer And Zebra

Little Treasures Animal Bath Toys hape Waterworks Bath Toy Colorful Lion Bull Deer And Zebra

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Bath toys can primarily boost your child's spatial awareness, fine motor skills, cognitive reasoning and hand-eye coordination, very much necessary in initial years of growth. The bath game with its slightly tricky water squirting exercise will make your child giggly and super thrilled, bringing a positive result in behavior. Bright, rich and vibrancy of color is an aimed strategy to affect the growing minds and entice the kid with various toy-parts of different designs, therefore engrossing children instantaneously in a game that is productive in all aspects. The toy is set to provide a joyful playtime to the parents and kids alike, allocating a special time to spend as a family, productively. Perfect for babies always looking for distractions - have fun with the smiling faced, multicolored plants, pots, turtles and flowers! Watch your little one giggle with the squeaky sounds being produced when pressing the soft toys; an ideal toy to flourish their imagination in the bath tub! A collecting net is also provided to fish out the toys floating on the water - you don't want any one of them missing. Enjoying bright and fine colors of yellow, pink, blue and purple, the water-pot just looks like a real one. Fill it in with water, let your child splash and squirt and rinse their hair alongside - they won't even notice! The educational toy is very popular among preschoolers. The reason being, the entire set has been made from non-toxic materials, very soft and easy to handle toy-parts. With respect to its manufacture, the toy set guarantees an amazing durability warrant. Ideally made with soft rubber plastic, the toy set forwards its warranty card regarding every constructional tact, either the toy's own development, or the toy-creating technique.
  • IDEAL GIFT: Transform the bathtub into a jungle with Little Treasures jungle fun. The four toys come complete with a mesh drain bag for easy storage.
  • ENJOY BATHING: The perfect size and softness for little hands to hold and squeeze, submerge in the bath tub. Make bath time fun with these soft, colorful, printed rubber models that children can use to create their own imaginary scenes.
  • QUALITY DESIGN: Displaying excellent craftsmanship, the toys have been designed and painted in friendly animal faces with real like characteristic of jungle creatures.
  • BATHTUB TOYS ZOO: Discover the thrill of the jungle in your own bathtub. This unique play set enables children to create a jungle scene and populate it with floating zoo animals. All you need to add is water. Encourages imaginative play and ensures hours of good and clean fun.
  • Quality & durable bathtub toy, The Baby Bath Toy is baby friendly to use in Baby Bathing Baths

Zebra Gifts  


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